Monday, May 22, 2006

Pack for an English Summer

Cornmarket St. in the rain.
The remarkable thing about the rain here is how constant it is. All day today, it has rained off and minute there is sun, and the next minute there is a rain that can come down quite hard. Everyone has an umbrella with them most of the time, and most people have a raincoat handy. It's actually been a lovely day, despite the rain, to walk around. I'm told that it has been a dry winter and there is threat of a drought.

This picture looks south down Cornmarket St. in the center of Oxford. To the left, the tall stone tower is a Saxon guard tower that is now part of the C of E church of St. Michael's at the Gates. It was built in 1040. Further down, as far as your eye can travel is Tom Tower, the front gate to Christ Church.

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