Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bad Parenting

"Kid Nation", a new 'reality' show on CBS caught my attention several weeks ago. Several dozen children, apparently unsupervised in a New Mexico ghost town are given the challenge to create a society and survive. I am no fan of reality shows, I think they're quite boring and base, actually. Adults certainly have the right to participate in these shows, I think they have the ability to determine for themselves whether or not the risk is acceptable...participants do suffer significant privation for many of these shows, and are often injured.

Children are another matter entirely. I ran across this article in todays' New York Times about what happened during taping of the show, that appears to violate several laws and endangered the children. Stunning. Shocking. Horrifying, really.

After reading provisions in the Contract that these parents apparently willingly signed with CBS, I have come to the conclusion that these parents should be immediately investigated by state authorities to determine whether or not they are fit to be parents at all. Even more ludicrous is that a second series of "Kid Nation" is already being filmed. Willingly endangering your children in this way to further some fantasy a parent might have about fame and fortune is just dreadful. Pageant parents, like the one mentioned in the article are apparently the worst, but I have had enough experience with 'stage mothers' to know the type.

Living vicariously through your children is natural, we all do it; imposing your fantasies of fame and fortune by deliberately endangering your children is not natural, and, I hope, is found to be criminal. How toweringly stupid these parents must be to even consider that this was a good idea after reading through such a strict legal contract simply amazes me.

/rant, it is time for bed.

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