Monday, March 13, 2006

Since I'm new to blogging, I wanted to see if I could successfully post a picture onto my blog. Seems that I can. This is a close up shot of the console of the organ at Marsh Chapel at Boston University where I am the Associate Dean. It isn't usually in this position...but we had it out in the center of the chancel for a concert and so I took some pictures. If you want to see more, let me know and I'll post some more. Or, go to the Chapel link at the right for a fuller look at what I do.


Anonymous said...

Rev. Olson, nice blog (even with the somewhat ominous black background..which goes with the death ritual theme I suppose..)

I remember you'd said you would be heading to Oxford - I can't believe that's already. I've been attempting to get to the Pakistan border region for the past couple of months to help with logistics - I'll let you know what transpires.. You continue to come up in conversation with the Jensens.

Hope all is well,

take care

James J. Olson said...

Hi Franz! Do give Joyce my care and love. I've gotten the news that she is going to retire as Queen In Charge of Everything at Zion.

You are well?

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone is well here in the midwest. I'll update you with more comprehensive coverage of the life & times soon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that beast could be moved. Makes a great picture though. If you want to post a lot of pictures you might consider a service like, Flickr (

Good luck on keeping up-to-date with your blog. Mine is horribly sparse and I still have to block those darn blog spammers (thus the blocked comments).

James J. Olson said...

Wow. that's quite a graphic on your blog, Tyler. I've emailed it to another friend who is in the dissertation phase and has been emailing me all the sick and twisted thoughts that come into her mind about what she wants to do to her computer, classmates, and doktormuter.

Hoppefully, I will avoid that state.