Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Not Just Imus

So, MSNBC droped simulcasting Don Imus, and the next day, CBS Radio dropped Imus completely for really the really stupid, offensive things he said last week about the Rutgers University Women's baskeball team.

I am not under any illusion that MSNBC or CBS Radio had a sudden fit of moral fiber...most if not all of Imus' corporate advertisers pulled out, and apparently, a lot of the employees from both companies internally had a fit about this. Good for them, whatever the real reason. America is getting tired of the crap flowing out of their mouths. Even the outrageous television reality shows that have been popular lately are beginning to have waning ratings.

But its not just Imus. Media Matters details the racist, bigoted, homophobic and sexist things that other talk show hosts both on radio and television have been saying for years. Perhaps we have seen the beginning of a turning tide in our country. Imus still has freedom of speech, he can say whatever he wants. But he no longer has 65 radio stations and MSNBC backing up his hateful, vile speech. No matter what other good things he does, and there are several, his 'shock jock' style is going out of style. Thankfully.

  • "It's Not Just Imus" at Media Matters
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