Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Phoenix Affirmations

I've just run across this group on the internet. I'm not a walker (or a protestor, or a flag waver, etc...) so I don't know that I would join the 'action' part of this group.

But the theological affirmations are succinct and beautiful. I could imagine a confirmation class, a local congregation theological statement, perhaps even an entire adult-ed curriculum based on these basic tenets of a liberal Christian faith.

  • The Phoenix Affirmations

    Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

    They walked through my native Oklahoma, and my momma picked up their book and mailed it to me.

    I also very much enjoyed it, and I had never read that interpretation of the death of Aaron's sons and tradition and fire and such. Made for a good movie, I think!

    I also found good simple sermon material...about the only reason I read theology books anymore! Ha!

    Hope you are well, Jim.

    Anonymous said...

    We had them guest-preach when they passed through St. Louis. One of the walkers, an MCC pastor, had been a pastor at our church ten or fifteen years back, so it was Old Home Week. One of the other walkers, an Episcopal priest, did the Rite II Cathedral sermon. Both were excellent, and very different.