Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Conn 642

In a moment of supreme stupidity when I was in college and had absolutely no money, I bought this lovely old Conn 642 home 'theater' organ. It was lovely, in good condition, and I wanted it. It weighed a ton (actually, 440 lbs...). Friends dreaded helping me move.

I loved this instrument. I kept it for nearly ten years, and unfortunately had to sell it when I moved to Boston. I've since found out that the person I sold it to has also sold it, so I've lost track of where it has gone. I miss having it in the house. Someday, I'll own another instrument like this for my home. I'm not a very good organist, I just like to have fun.

"Five-Foot-Two, Eyes of Blue" and "Ebb Tide", played in my best Jesse Crawford and George Wright imitation.

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suefou said...

I have a Conn Theater organ - 642. Recently bought a Rodgers with AGO pedalboard to better practice for church. The Conn will have to be sold because it is in the basement and being "neglected." It's in good condition. I bought it on 1996 or 97.