Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ban Comic Sans

I have been known, on occasion, to go on rants about things that seem irrelevant.

For instance, the use of the font known as 'comic sans' on everything from posters to worship bulletins drives me absolutely insane. It is a font designed to imitate the hand-lettering in conversation bubbles in comic books. There, it is usually appropriate, but even this computer-generated travesty of a font cannot hold a candle to a beautifully hand-lettered comic.

The use of 'comic sans' for professional communications, exams and most unfortunate of all, worship bulletins in church, is wholly inappropriate, infantilizing, and should be punishable by lashes with wet noodles. The whole-wheat kind, not those wimpy soba or egg noodles.

I am vindicated. Viz.;

Ban Comic Sans

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I'm withya.