Monday, March 07, 2011

Cat in a Clergy Meeting

here we clergy are
sitting in a ring,
being friendly souls;

making jolly jokes,
nervous of ourselves,
shy of subjects too
anecdotes and smiles
risking very little
glancing round the room
sipping our Darjeeling,

colleagues of the cloth
some with collars off
staring at the ceiling

might we have a prayer?
in this dark interior
with the light outside
and the glorious weather

shifting in our seats gathering our thoughts
folding of our hands
as we try together,
plump cat on the floor

in a stripe of sun stretches out her limbs
into glorious worship
thanks to God on high;
for the heated spot for the stripe of sun
contented purr-ship

for paws which pad
for claws which hunt
for mouth to taste
and breath to purr

the best prayer
in the room
I felt
came from her

Lucy Berry

This is an extract from the March 2011 issue of Reform.

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