Saturday, March 18, 2006

These are my cats. The small brown and tan one is Diva, she is a purebred seal-point siamese. She is very, very friendly, but definitely a one-man cat. She never shuts up. The large black and white one is Oberon, he is mostly Norwegian Forest cat. I can't picture him in the wilds of Norway. He is dumb as a post, but also very sweet. I've had them for nearly 13 years. There has not been a day since I got both of them that I have not brushed Oberon, and had chin grooming from Diva, except when I am away.

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Anonymous said...

Nice start. I know that the black background w/white lettering looks classy but it is very hard on my 60-year-old eyes.
I have never heard of a Norweign Forest cat, but at 20 lbs they must be a site to behold. I have a lovely little three-legged bob-tail cat that I rescued and she is a love and very smart.